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Symphony of Love

Once, there was a childhood friends, named Arizona and Melody. Both of them were music lover. Music was something like symphony for them. They couldn’t live without music. Everyday, everytime, they spent their time for music together.

                10 years later...
                Moderato Senior High School, at the first break...

                Melody was singing a beautiful song and Arizona was playing the instrumen with his guitar. They looked very enjoy their symphony.

                Arizona : “Mel, your beautiful voice has never changed since the first time I met you.”
                Melody : “What a fool, Riz.”
                Arizona : “Hh...I told you the fact, but okay if you don’t believe me.”
                Melody : “Haha...I like your expression. Hahahaha...”
(Melody hit a little on Arizona’s shoulder, but there was no respond from him. Arizona still playing his guitar)
                Melody : “Okay okay, I am just kidding, Riz.”
(Arizona couldn’t restrain his laugh after he saw Melody’s expression)
                Arizona : “Mmphh...HAHAHAHAHA...”
(Melody became angry with Arizona’s joke. But she couldn’t restrain her laugh too)
                Melody : “HAHAHAHAHA...”

Both of them laughing together. “Your beautiful smile had never changed too, since the first time I met you, Mel” , said Arizona deep inside on his heart.

                Arizona : “Hey hey, what was you bringing, Jo?”
                Jovan : “Oh...this is poster about band competition. Would you like to join, Riz?”
                Arizona : “Umm...”
                Danny : “Hey guys, how about we make a group band?”
                Melody : “Aha...that’s a great idea!”
                Jovan : “But, have you an idea for the personnel?”
               Danny : “Mmm...I think it’s more suitable if Melody occupied the vocalist position and then Arizona as guitarist, Jovan as bassist, and I’m as drummer.”
                Melody : “What a brilliant idea, Dan.”


1 month later, they joined the band competition. Because of their great performance, they became a winner. After that competition, they joined the Province Band Competition. And they got the first position. For the next, they joined the National Band Competition. What a surprise! They became a winner again. From that result, they got their great honor for joined the International Band Competition.

04:30 p.m.
Chocolate Cafe...

Melody, Arizona, Jovan, and Danny, were talking about their preparation for the International Band Competition. They still couldn’t believe that they hobbies could bring them on that spectacular event. They were very exicted.

For about 10 years together, for their same hobby, Arizona couldn’t lying his feeling. He had special feeling for his childhood friend, Melody. But, he had not enough courageous to tell his feeling. He wanted to keep his feeling by himself. He tried to love her as a best friend. He didn’t want to break their friendship.

                The discussion ended very pleasurable. They went to their own home. On his way went to home, Arizona felt a great pain on his left chest. Suddenly, everything was dark. Arizona was unconscious.
                2 month remaining before the International Band Competition. They tried to get more extra exercise. But there was something weird. Since the discussion, Arizona seldom join the exercise. Melody catch the oddity when she asked him why he couldn’t join the exercice, and he alwasy answered with the same reason, “I’m tired. I want to take a rest”.

                Because of Arizona’s weird behavior, one day after school, Melody stopped Arizona in front of his class.
                Melody : “Where do you want to go?”
                Arizona : “I...”
                Melody : “I’m tired. I want to take a rest?”
                Arizona : “Please, understand me.”
                Melody : “We also tired. We try to understand you. But, what did you do to us?”
                Melody : “Can’t say anything? Why you became not responsible with your choises?!! This is the great opportunity for us. And do you want to leave it easily? Hah?!!”
(Arizona got speechless because of Melody’s statement. He couldn’t say anything)

No respond from Arizona. Melody left Arizona alone. For the honesty, Arizona felt very guilty for disappointing Melody. But he had no choises. In the other side, Melody could feel the great pain deep inside on her heart when she said her anger to Arizona.

                For the next day, Melody, Jovan, and Danny, still prepared their performs for the International Band Competition, without Arizona. From second to second, from minute to minute, Melody felt very guilty to Arizona because of her anger several days before. Everyday, she felt so lonely without Arizona. She also heard that Arizona didn’t go to school since that incident. Finally, she wanted to ask Arizona’s apologize.

                When Melody arrived in Arizona’s house, she got a bad news. His family said that Arizona had sick for 7 days and must to have special treatment in hospital. After heard that bad news, Melody went to hospital dirrectly.

                07:15 p.m. in Hospital...
                From the doctor explanation, Melody knew that Arizona got heart attack since he was 5 years old. Arizona in a serious condition. He was coma. How shocked Melody after heard that explanation. Since they were child, Arizona never told anything about his disease. Melody got double guilty to Arizona.
                Melody ask the doctor permission for looked in on Arizona. Fortunately, doctor gave the permission. Melody came closer on Arizona’s side. What a miracle happened! Arizona was conscious.
                Melody : “Riz, I’m really sorry for all I had done to you. I really don’t know that...”
                Arizona : “I had forgive you, Mel.”
                Melody : “Oh, Riz. I really felt guilty to you. I really ask for your sincerity.”
                Arizona : “Once again, I had forgive you, Mel. With all of my sincerity.”
    Melody : “ (smiling) “
    Arizona : “(smiling)  For the next, you must keep join the competition without me. You must reach your dream, Mel.”
                Melody : “But.....”
                Arizona : “Don’t worry. I will alwasy be your symphony.”
                Melody : “It’s really hard for me. But, I will do it for you.”


                New York, International Band Competition...

                Melody, Jovan, and Danny, perform their best. They perform a spectacular song that inspired by Arizona. What a great miracle! They became a winner on that competition. They were very exicted. They present their victory for Arizona. They believed that Arizona was smiling in a peaceful heaven.

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